Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Dear Ndugu..." - "About Schmidt"

Movie Title - "About Schmidt"
Date Viewed - 9/29/10
Ratings - I give this film 4 waterbeds out of 5, and the DH is going with 3.5 waterbeds out of 5

I originally saw this film when it was in theaters, and I remember walking out disappointed.  After loving "As Good As It Gets," I was eager for another Jack Nicholson triumph.  I think I built it up too much at the time.  Upon second viewing, I really see the beauty in it.  Nicholson plays the title character, Warren Schmidt, who starts to re-examine his life upon retiring.  Hope Davis plays his daughter, Dermot Mulroney is his future son-in-law, and Kathy Bates is Mulroney's mother.  Great casting.  I don't want to reveal too many plot details, in case someone reading this (and is anyone reading this???) hasn't seen it yet, but after a long journey, Warren feels like his life has amounted to nothing.  Yet, in the very last scene of the film, he finds a little bit of meaning...and he cries.  I'll admit it, I cried a little, too.  It is a touching moment.  Nicholson is a consummate actor.  DH felt that the film was too long and too depressing, but still said it was good.  I think that's why his rating is lower than mine.  The pacing of the film, IMHO, is sets a Midwestern sort of mood.  Oh, and the score is fabulous!  I loved it so much the first time around, that I bought the soundtrack.  Kudos to Rolfe Kent for his original score and his use of the Satie classical pieces.  We split a frozen dinner tonight, and I would say that's rather appropriate, considering Schmidt's future in-laws.  The film is more inspiring than that, though.  I hope that, after seeing it, people will think about how they can make a difference and find meaning in life.

Up Next?  "Airheads"

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  1. Of course I read your blog. I love your reviews on the movies as you don't give too much away but still get your point across.

    I can't wait for Airheads!