Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boodles, Murder, and the Devil - "101 Dalmatians"

Movie Title: "101 Dalmatians"
Date Viewed: 9/10/10
Ratings:  Both of us gave this film 3.5 Paw Prints out of 5

One wouldn't expect a children's film to be filled with so many dark references, let alone a Disney film.  The DH and I hadn't seen "101 Dalmatians" in years...perhaps since childhood.  My memories were of Cruella's evil eyes and the Colonel.  DH remembered the story a bit, but that was all.  The film is retro '60s chic with a great style, but fairly mediocre animation, especially by Disney standards.  The music is quite good, although I think most people remember "Cruella de Vil," but not "Dalmatian Plantation."  This movie scared me a little as a child, and why shouldn't it?  Cruella, along with Jasper and Horace, are planning to murder the innocent puppies and skin them in order to make coats from their fur.  Cruella even mentions the various ways they could murder them: drowning, hitting them over the head, smothering, and poisoning.  Her telephone has a small devil-head on it, and she's often referred to as the "devil woman."  Still, we laughed a few times, and got excited when we recognized some of the dogs from "Lady and the Tramp" among the animated crowd.  The use of cockney English slang is interesting, and it lends a lot of authenticity to the London setting.  A "boodle," according to Wikipedia, is a street term for money or booty.  Oh, and apparently even poor people can afford a maid.

Incidentally, we did eat some pancake puppies at Denny's after watching this movie, so I think that qualifies as themed dining.  Up next?  "The 40 Year Old Virgin"

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