Sunday, September 26, 2010

Detour...To a Sort of Island - "About a Boy"

Movie Title - "About a Boy"
Date Viewed - 9/26/10
Ratings - We both give this film 3 units-of-time out of 5

This wasn't supposed to be our next film, but it was on the clearance rack at Marshall's, and it comes right before "About Schmidt" alphabetically, so here we are.  For me, this movie was over-hyped.  I had heard about it for years...the sleeper-hit with the great script...a good vehicle for Hugh Grant.  I was decidedly under-whelmed.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.  Thus, it falls right in the 3-rating territory.  The story had a lot of predictability, even though the acting was pretty good.  Rachel Weisz is barely in the film at all, but Hugh and Toni Collette put on strong performances.  We're supposed to feel sorry for the kid (Marcus), but honestly there were times where I totally understood why all the kids pick on him.  If I were Will (Hugh Grant), I would've just slammed the door in his face.  I read on IMDB that the music that ties the storyline together in the original novel was the music of Nirvana...I think it was a poor choice to change that in the film.  Perhaps they couldn't get the rights to Nirvana's music, or maybe the screenwriters were worried that the film would seem dated if they used grunge rock, but I think that music would've made a lot more sense.  DH said he remembered the movie being a lot better the last time he saw it.  I enjoyed seeing Hugh Grant looking snarky-sexy as always, and I liked Will's struggle with being an "island," but it didn't do much for me otherwise.  Glad the next movie that combines Hugh Grant and Christmas music will be "Love, Actually."

Up Next?  "About Schmidt"  (Take 2)

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