Friday, October 8, 2010

You Can't Pluralize the Lone Ranger - "Airheads"

Movie Title - "Airheads"
Date Viewed - 10/7/10
Ratings - I give this film 2.5 amps out of 5, and the DH gives it 3.5 amps out of 5

This is a movie we'd both seen a few times, but I think I found it least funny this time.  I have a hard time buying Brendan Fraser as a heavy metal rocker, and I think his girlfriend is pretty annoying, so I don't see why he doesn't just let her go.  Steve Buscemi was not as well-known when this film came out (1994), although he'd already been in "Reservoir Dogs."  Adam Sandler is doing his typical juvenile SNL schtick, but it's still pretty hilarious.  Lots of pretty famous actors in this film:  Joe Mantegna, Michael Richards, Michael McKean, David Arquette, Judd Nelson, and Chris Farley.  It should be better then, right?  I think a few of the actors are simply miscast.  There are great moments, but nothing that made us really laugh out loud.  Not sure if DH liked it more than me, or he's just more generous with his ratings.  One of the better parts of the film relates to the band's name, which is The Lone Rangers...they don't understand why people keep saying that name doesn't make any sense.  There is a nice subtext to the film about the way a lot of radio stations have changed formats, and how jaded the record industry is.  It made me think about the old days of Pirate Radio.  Good times.

Up Next?  "Airplane"

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