Monday, October 11, 2010

"Don't Call Me Shirley" - "Airplane"

Movie Title - "Airplane"
Date Viewed - 10/8/10
Ratings - We both give this film 4.0 fish dinners out of 5

I'd seen this film many times, but DH had only seen bits and pieces.  It's a comedy classic, so I'm glad he finally got to see the whole thing.  I realize I haven't been posting much about the plots of the films we're watching...I guess I don't want to reveal too much, and I figure it's really more about our reactions anyway.  "Airplane" is a parody of the overly-dramatic "Airport" films of the '70s.  I've never seen them, but I pretty much get the gist.  My favorite character in this film is Johnny, since he has the best lines by far.  In fact, almost every time it gets foggy outside, I usually say, "The fog is getting thicker!  And Leon's getting laaaaarrrrger!"  Pretty much every actor in this film has at least one hilarious line.  Previously, actors like Robert Stack and Lloyd Bridges were more often recognized for their dramatic work, but this film changed all that.  Peter Graves was famous for "Mission Impossible," but this movie made him famous for the line, "You ever seen a grown man naked?"  There are really too many great quotes from this film to list them all.  Perhaps what keeps it from a 5 out of 5 rating is the rather slow romance between Ted and Elaine.  Some of the romantic scenes have their comic effect, but others are a bit of a drag.  Still, there are rarely any dull moments, and I think this film will keep standing the test of time.

Up Next?  Not "Airplane II," since it's tough to get on DVD.  Instead, it's "Aladdin"


  1. What's wrong with Aladdin? I love it. lol

  2. I didn't say there was anything wrong with it...geez...but it's no "Airplane," ha ha.