Friday, October 15, 2010

Honesty Is Important in Relationships - "Aladdin"

Movie Title - "Aladdin"
Date Viewed - 10/15/10
Ratings - We both give this film 4 lamps out of 5

Watching an animated Disney film is a very different experience as an adult vs. a child.  In "Aladdin," as with many Disney movies, there are references only adults would understand.  What kid would know Ed Sullivan, "You Bet Your Life," Rodney Dangerfield, or Jack Nicholson?  Those are just a few of the Genie's impressions.  I found them a lot funnier than I did the first time I saw "Aladdin," which was as a preteen back in 1992.  Of course, like most G-rated films, this is a story of good vs. evil, with a happy ending.  It's also a love story, and a story of slavery and the price of freedom.  The absolute best part of this film, for me, is the score.  Anything remotely Menken/Ashman is gold, although Howard Ashman tragically died of AIDS long before this movie was completed.  This is the DH's favorite Disney movie, mainly because of Robin Williams as the Genie, but I think also he identifies with Aladdin a bit more than other Disney characters.  I'm surprised that I didn't remember the scarier parts (the look on Jafar's face as he turns into the snake), or the fairly adult references to harems.  The only parts I really remembered were the songs, which just shows their longevity.  This time, I think I'll remember the jokes and the nice lesson about honesty in relationships.  Overall, this is definitely a movie we'll both be happy to watch with our kids someday.

Up Next?  It's a Disney 1-2 punch..."Alice in Wonderland" (the animated version)

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